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Facing the Challenges of Christianity in a Contrary Society

Join our Host, Apostle Janice Fountaine each week as she takes on high impact issues and concerns at the forefront of our American society and the lives of True Worshippers. Real Worshippers, Real Issues, and Real Discussions concerning families, churches, communities, government and politics, media and entertainment, business and economics, and how they are affecting the kingdom of God and the lives of Christians who are striving to live a lifestyle in the presence and obedience to God.
Living the life of a Christian in America is becoming more and more challenging. Each day Christians are faced with having to make decisions that will affect their life and the lives of their families, in areas that are popular to man but contrary to God. 

Yet, God is saying "Be ye holy even as I am holy." "Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord." Sometimes, as a Remnant, a true worshipper of God, you may be asking, how can this be? This society is hostile against Christianity and those who profess to serve God without compromise. I make a distinction between those who compromise and those who do not compromise the principles of God, because God makes a distinction. I am wondering where are the Prophets of God? The true prophets, because there should be a word, some sound from the mouths of the Prophets concerning holiness and sacrifice in a disturbing atmosphere of Christian carnality.

All of these questions and concerns and much much more will take center stage as we figure this out together and become more empowered to walk in the holiness and kingdom authority that God has ordained us to.

Remnant, You Must Arise with Apostle Janice Fountaine will bring you co-hosts, guests, community stakeholders and most importantly, TRUE WORSHIPPERS; those who are scaling the influential mountains of American and worldwide life and striving and sacrificing to live a lifestyle of worship and holiness so that they can walk in Supernatural Authority; all to the glory of God.

Remnant Life Show
with Apostle Janice Fountaine

 Coming in Jnauary 2019!

  1. April 14, 2017
    Do You Even Want to be a Christian?
    This weeks location: The Worship Place Apostolic Center 404 Hampton Park Blvd, Capitol Hgts, MD 20743 Doors open at 7:00pm Live at 7:30pm
    Does the average Christian even know that Christianity is under fire? Are they so preoccupied with their daily comings and goings of life in the natural realm of existence that they can't see what's apparently before their eyes. Join Apostle Janice Fountaine and guests this Good Friday, for discussion and spiritual insight that will empower you and help you to notice the wiles of the enemy. You are sure to leave empowered to walk in supernatural authority, like never before.
  2. April 28, 2017
    The Carnal Church. Who's to Blame?
    Venue TBD
    Join host Apostle Janice Fountaine, and her guest Pastors and Laity, as they discuss the condition of the Church. Are Pastors raising carnal Christians? Are Christians settling for less? From the Pastor to the Pew, who's to blame. Expect some fireworks, expect the truth.
  3. April 21, 2017
    Is There a Word from the Lord?
    Venue TBD
    With so much going on in the world today, surely there must be a "now word" from the Lord. Join host Apostle Janice Fountaine, and her guest Prophets, as they discuss and prophesy the State of the Church, America and the world what God is saying to us and about all.
  4. April 7, 2017
    A Remnant Who Will
    This weeks location: The Worship Place Apostolic Center, 404 Hampton Park Blvd, Capitol Heights, MD 20743 Doors open at 7:00pm Live at 7:30pm
    Launch and Sponsors Dinner to introduce the Worship 24/7 Television Show with host, Apostle Janice Fountaine and other Five-fold Apostles as they discuss the tragedy of God having to pull a Remnant out of a so-called, already existing Remnant, to carry His glory and demonstrate His end-time power in America.
  5. May 6,13, 20, 27th
    Church in Denial. Is the World Telling the Truth on You?
    Various Reality Venues Time to be announced.
    Many in the world, who do not accept Christianity as their religious choice, will be the first to tell you that they cannot identify with many Christians on today; leaders and laity alike, who proclaim that it is. Many, they argue, profess to be Christians, yet they cannot identify with them as such, especially if it means being able to differentiate their worldly lifestyle from their Christian counterparts. Join Apostle Janice Fountaine, Worship 24/7 during the month of May live at several locations as takes it to the streets with the accusers and see what Christians have to say about what many in the world is saying about them.
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