Remnant Global Fellowship
Remnant Global Fellowship is a Five-fold fivefold alliance of Churches, Ministries, and Marketplace organizations who believe in God's call to His chosen endtime Remnant, to expose Him in uncharted dimensions and to bring the nations to Him. These apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers strive to gather and empower people to live and demonstrate the holiness, revelation and supernatural power of God. They have an uncompromising heart for God and support His vision of a Remnant of powerful Christians, who are worship driven, prayer minded and kingdom focused. They believe and live in holiness and worship as a lifestyle and that both are critical to receiving the dimensional anointing, revelation and power, necessary to impact the world and advance the kingdom of God.

Remnant Global Fellowship
Annual Gathering and Convocation

Friday May 16, 2020 thru
Saturday May 17, 2020

"Even so then at this present time also, there is a Remnant according to the election of grace."  Romans 11:5

Our Vision is of each five-fold function gift having great influence and impact upon the lives of people engaged throughout the secular systems aka mountains of influence, for kingdom advancement and to provide a place of relationship and true apostolic anointing and accountability to the body of Christ, through the worship, prophetic and supernatural realms of God.

Our Goal is through various strategies, platforms and events, to bring people into unimaginable dimensions of pure worship and holiness so that they may experience the supernatural healing, deliverance, revelation and life-changing presence and power of God.

Our Strategy is to unite existing and emerging churches, individuals, ministries, and marketplace organizations with a mandate to restore, revive and rebuild the Remnant of God. We will turn the hearts of man to God through worship, teaching, kingdom principles, activating prophetic truth, and revelation and demonstration of the supernatural power of God. Through dynamic encounters, conferences and seminars, and evangelistic platforms, we will conduct prophetic presbytery, along with the ministry of impartation and the laying on of hands. We will plant cutting edge WE(worship and empowerment) hubs; ignited to bring people to the heart of God and to expose the existence and sovereignty of God, elevate christians to dimensions of the supernatural power of God and to execute divine strategies, throughout the secular systems of influence; for the advancement of the kingdom of God, worldwide.

Remnant Global Fellowship is extending an invitation to you, to partner or affiliate with us and become a part of this great movement of God.

Three Pillars of Focus




Remnant Global Fellowship exists to bring spiritual oneness amongst Christians throughout America and Worldwide.
Remnant Global Fellowship seeks to bring people back to the heart of God through worship and into deeper depths of revelation and fellowship with Him, so that they may live in His presence on earth and everlasting.

Remnant Global Fellowship is committed to empowering God's people to live prosperous lives and to walk in  supernatural authority; demonstrating the holiness, sovereignty and power of God.

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If you are being led to join with us or would like more information, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Remnant Global Fellowship 

Church Plan Forward

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Kingdom Focused 2020

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The Worship Place Apostolic Center

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Churches in Transition

Remnant Global Fellowship works diligently with individuals to help them deepen their personal worship regimen and relationship with God as well as, network with Pastors and other Fivefold Leaders to help develop a more powerful, life-changing worship regimen in their Churches and the lives of their members; through teaching, empowerment and demonstration.

Our mission for the Churches and Ministries in Transition are to provide them with life-changing resource tools and exercises that will shift their Church atmospheres to a worship focus and challenge and motivate their memberships, as they come into a deeper knowledge and understanding of the worship realm and power of God.

Our strategy is to simultaneously build and empower the people individually, while they are engaged in transition corporately, within their church. To achieve this goal, we have developed a personal Thirty Day Worship, Study and Empowerment Regimen for the individual member to grow by, during the implementation of the overall Church Plan Forward. With the two simultaneously implemented, leaders and members will witness and experience uncharted personal and spiritual growth in their lives and Church or Ministry.

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Quarterly Fivefold Church and
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Remnant Global Fellowship
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