Keeping IT Christ Initiatives

There is much that goes unsaid, unseen and undone for the cause of Christ and the advancement of the kingdom of God. From religion to politics to business and economics, diabolical advancement has been taking place with such influence and impact that the Christian church is lacking in it's effectiveness for the cause of Christ.

God has given Remnant Fire Movement strategic initiatives, to expose Him to millions and to bring them into a deeper understanding of Him and His kingdom agenda. Many will develop a greater desire to know, hear and serve Him, during this season of mankind on earth, and the kingdom of God overall.
Remnant Fire Movement, therefore celebrates “Keeping it Christ,” the initiative-based arm of the Movement that focuses on advocating for the cause of Christ and gathering, empowering, and sending forth God's endtime "Remnant" as taught by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and handed down to the Apostles and from them to the body of Christ overall.

 Christmas Initiative

We can't expect the world system to respect that which God has given us to maintain. We just have to do it ourselves, and watch what God births out of it, as a result of our efforts and obedience. 

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​Mission: Keep Jesus Christ in Christmas

Remnant Fire Movement is determined to mark each year as one that the body of Christ unites to put and keep the focus of Christmas  on Jesus Christ. Helping all to see and realize that as Christians, we take the celebration of His birth as a very serious, sacrificial and sacred time, and opportunity to give thanks to God and bring others into the awareness and understanding of Jesus' birth and God's plans for mankind. 
Many will realize the urgency, and necessity of His birth and the blessings upon mankind that the gifts of the wise men also represented. They were gifts of love, honor, and thanks. But we know that we must take this far beyond gift-giving or the world will purposely leave out Christ, which is counter productive to the Christian agenda. And so yes, we too will bring the true spirit of the Gifts of the Wise to the world, but we will go further and strategically encourage Christians to lead by example and give gifts that are specifically designed to expose God and uplift Jesus Christ; as the whole world watches. 

"KEEPING IT CHRIST" Resurrection Initiative

Mission: Increase awareness of life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and to change the holiday verbage to Resurrection instead of Easter amongst Christians and others worldwide.

Again Remnant Fire Movement is set to mark a year- 2019 - as the year that the body of Christ unites to put and keep the focus of the life, death, burial and resurrection back on Jesus Christ. Helping all to see and realize that as Christians, we take the celebration of His resurrection as a very crucial and memorable time in the body of Christ. Yes, like Christmas, it is also an opportunity that we must not ignore or be passive about, as billions also are attentive to the time of our celebration of our Lord and saviour's presence in the earth realm in a manifested form of mankind in body, while remaining God in Spirit.

People of God, we can do it and by the grace of God we shall. We will expose God and bring others into the awareness, significance and understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and God's overall plans for mankind relative to it. 

​Many will realize that it was as necessary for Jesus to die as it was for Him to be born and to live. We must take this time of celebration out of the hands of the easter bunny and the retailers and go far beyond dressing up and egg hunting and a Monday visit to the zoo with our children. If we don't, unbelievers and even some Christians will view myths as being more of a reality than truth Himself personified. Again, the world systems will be purposely void of our Christ, which is also counter productive to the Christian purpose and agenda. And so yes, we too will bring the true spirit of the suffering, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the world for all to see and know that God is the only sovereign, supreme, and self-existent God there ever is and will ever be.



The Remnant Fire Movement's, Keeping It Christ Initiatives are where you want to be if you are ready to impact lives for God. Your committment to these causes will not only be life changing for you, but for millions of others, as well.