Gathering and Empowering the "Remnant Who Will" Demonstrate
the Holiness and Power of God.


Remnant Fire is a restoration and empowerment movement within the body Christ. We have been mandated to bring people back to the heart of God, by restoring individual focus and emphasis on worship and holiness unto Him, within the Christian community in America and worldwide. This restoration will produce a REMNANT of people, who will understand the sovereign, relational will of God for His creation concerning Him and become end-time carriers of His glory and demonstrators of His supernatural power.

This restoration fire Movement will activate an upwards mobility of the body of Christ into greater realms and dimensions of the revelation of the kingdom of God; unto the demonstration and manifestation of His presence, purpose and power before nations that until now have abominably devalued His existence and sovereignty.

Remnant Fire Movement envisions millions of people, in thousands of locations encountering God like never before. As they renew their vows and commitment to Him, many will enter into uncharted and unimmaginabe dimensions of worship, holiness, revelation, power and awareness. They will walk in supernatural authority over their lives and advance the kingdom of God. 


Gather the REMNANT and release the fire of God upon their lives. We will bring them into deeper dimensions of the self existent realm of God and empower them to carry and demomstrate His power and holiness worldwide.

Remnant Fire Movement envisions the body of Christ living
in worship as a lifestyle, walking in the demonstration of the fire and power of God and fulfilling His kingdom purpose in them.

Many people will be exposed to the worship realm and dimensions of God and all aspects relative to it and their spiritual growth in Him.

Millions will become encouraged, equipped and empowered to have a deeper, more mature and practical understanding of the revelation, power and glory of God. They will come into uncharted and immeasurable dimensions of His character and anointing and strive to glorify Him in excellence, in all aspects of their life.

                                                                        OUR GOAL​​

To bring millions into unimaginable dimensions of worship and holiness, so that they may come into a deeper relationship with God and experience His healing, revelation and life-changing power upon their lives.

We will achieve our goal through various worship and prayer events, seminars, awareness campaigns, publications and fire encounters. In addition we will work closely with Churches in helping them focus their Churches on worship and holiness and encouraging their members to develop a more powerful Christian lifestyle.

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Coming Back to the Heart of  God through Worship!