REMNANT FIRE MOVEMENT is set to become a major  influence worldwide; all to the glory of God.

"I have placed a REMNANT in the body of Christ. These are they who shall rise up and carry my glory in holiness and truth; exposing me. Yes, they shall expose me the Lord thy God, in truth and worship and holiness and peace." 

"Even so then at this present time also, there is a Remnant according to the election of grace."
​                                        Romans 11:5

An evangelistic, restoration movement, Remnant Fire, is apostolically mandated to gather, empower and release the fire of God upon the lives of those throughout the body of Christ, whom God calls "His Remnant." We envision them living in worship, holiness, and the presence of God as a lifestyle; walking in demonstration of His supernatural revelation, fire, and power for the advancement of His kingdom agenda in the earth realm. 
  1. Remnant Fire Encounters 2019
    Remnant Fire Encounters 2019
    Be ignited during our Releasing Remnant Fire encounters with Apostle Janice Fountaine, God's Prophetic Oracle and Fire Ambassador, as she releases an end-time fire that will propel many into greater depths of worship, revelation and power. People throughout the United States are catching the fire, during our powerful Releasing the Fire Encounters.
  2.  Remnant Arise Show
    Remnant Arise Show
    Remnant Arise with Apostle Janice Fountaine will bring you a smoorgesboard of media platforms. From television to reality to publications, Remnant Life spreads the word and power of God each day. Get ready for real issues, real worshippers, and real discussions live on location at various Church and Ministry venues. Call today to host Remnant Life at your location.

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A Remnant Who Will

"Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.      Romans 11:5

Members of the Remnant Fire Movement believe in the tenets of holiness, as taught in Christianity- salvation by grace, sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and Justified by faith, regeneration, and holiness. 

Believe that unless one practices or has a pure worship lifestyle, the tenets are not maintainable. They believe that the absence of such explains the falling away of so many from God, which resulted in so great a number of Christians compromising His principles and living carnal . 

Seek the revelation, the power, and the anointing of God to rest on their lives in greater and more demonstrative depths than before. 

Walk in supernatural authority over their lives and worship God unconditionally.
Operate in the end-time power, grace and anointing of God. 

Focus on God and seek to please Him at any cost. Their lives are governed by the will and principles of God according to the Holy Bible and supernatural revelation. True Worshippers strive to live without compromise and in demonstration, irrespective of the natural opinions and reasoning of others.

Believe that the lifestyle of a Christian is a spiritual culture that exists in superiority to the natural cultures that exist throughout the world.

Believe that they are called to live in demonstration of the character and attributes of God in the earth realm and that this cannot be achieved without living an uncompromising lifestyle of holiness and worship unto God only.

Believe that God's desire for them is to live in His presence, in personal and spiritual prosperity on earth and eternally and everlasting, when Jesus Christ returns.

Believe that without personal holiness, one cannot please God or enter into eternal and everlasting life in His presence 

Believe that personal holiness cannot be achieved without worship. 

Believe that all things God, pertaining to relationship and revelation comes through worship, holiness, peace, revelation, wisdom, understanding, etc. It is during this time in the presence of God that the believer takes on the essence and character and being of God by way of the Holy Spirit and that God makes Himself known to individuals out of the supernatural realm of revelation.

Believe that worship brings them into a greater awareness, revelation and understanding of the supernatural realm of God.

Believe that for Christians to enter into greater dimensions of God, they must worship Him as a lifestyle, at which time they will come into a greater understanding, wisdom and knowledge of God. 

Believe that worship unto God is a personal experience that enables one to live a holy life without the tendency to commit sin.

Believe that prayer, study of the word, preaching, teaching, are empowerment platforms. Any of these apart from a worship atmosphere will have little or no effect upon individuals; believers and non-believers. 

Believe that the fivefold function gifts that Jesus left to the church are essential in the body of Christ's fulfillment of God's purpose throughout the secular systems on earth and in the lives of mankind.